Bijoux - Indiscrets Maze Handcuffs Black Bracelets
Bijoux - Indiscrets Maze Handcuffs Black Bracelets
Bijoux - Indiscrets Maze Handcuffs Black Bracelets

Bijoux - Indiscrets Maze Handcuffs Black Bracelets

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Adorn your wrists with these double bracelets that combine perfectly with your best outfits and become, in intimacy, your favorite handcuffs for bondage games. Get lost among the crossroads of Maze and discover the place where your two worlds, the one you show and the one you hide, merge into one. Do you dare to enter?

  • 100% vegan, 0% material of animal origin.
  • 100% adjustable bracelets/handcuffs.
  • Inspired by the classic BDSM: the sensuality and power of bondage sessions in a single accessory.
  • It combines perfectly with any look, lingerie or simply with your skin.
  • 100% vegan: polyurethane straps, made from recycled materials.
  • A groundbreaking touch to all your outfits and lingerie.
  • Fashion Erotic Accessories: Fusion between current fashion trends and classic eroticism.
  • Dual purpose! Place the bracelets on the same wrist to wear them as a fashion accessory. Remove one end and attach it to your other wrist to turn them into handcuffs.
  • Let's play? The perfect complement to your bondage games.
  • Level up! Combine them with harnesses, collars or foot cuffs, further restrict your movements to increase pleasure.
  • Summer Festival Look! Fashion trends are dictated by alternative catwalks, set trends with Maze!
  • Exclusive design by Bijoux Indiscrets.

Succumb to your desires in a safe and fun way to intensify sexual chemistry and boost confidence. Choose your outfit and the lingerie you want to surprise with. Place the bracelets on the same wrist and adjust them, through the buckles, to wear these handcuffs as a fashion accessory. Show them to your partner so the game lasts all night. Super exciting! A secret kept in plain sight of all. When you're ready, remove one bracelet and tie it to your other wrist. You can also remove both and tie your partner. Enjoy these fantastic handcuffs! You can use these add-ons in the same plan. You just have to transform the bracelets, when you want the bondage games to start.

Remember that the grip is strong, you decide the intensity of the game.