Things to know about dildos

Things to know about dildos

Things to know about dildos sex toys 

A dildo is a phallic object, built for sex games and is generally used for internal stimulation of erogenous zones. To avoid confusion with vibrators, a dildo has no moving parts Things to know about dildos: 1. The oldest known dildo was discovered in a cave in Germany, and is over 30,000 years old!  2. The first dildos were made of stone, ivory, and wood among other materials.  3. In ancient Greece, leather dildos (olisbo) were sold for unmarried women.  4. In Medieval times, a plant called "Cantonese belly" was soaked in hot water for hardening for penetration.  5. In Texas, it is illegal to have more than 6 dildos. 5 are enough. Even 6. But if you have 7, you will be outlawed.  6. It is also illegal to make dildos (or sex toys) in India, Malaysia, and South Africa.  7. During the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD) people were buried with their most precious possessions. Of course, many times, these were dildos.  8. Nobody knows where the name "dildo" comes from. There are several theories that say it is after the name of a hanger, or a derivation from the word "diletto" which means "pleasure" in Italian.  9. In Canada, there is an island called Dildo.  10. On the same island, a masked man robbed a sex shop in January 2017, becoming famous as the "Dildo Bandit"  11. A town on the same island is also called "Dildo"  12. The oldest documentation of the word appears in England since 1593.  13. The first physical dildo appeared in the United Kingdom in the 1500s.  14. William Shakespeare used the word "dildo" in Winter's Tale. And then, it meant the same thing!  15. "Godemiche" is the French word for "a toy in the shape of a penis with a scrotum". What are dildos without testicles called? ... or do all the dildos in France have testicles?  16. In Spanish, the dildo is known as "consolador"  17. Slightly more direct in expression, in Russian, the direct translation of the word means "phallic imitator", and in Welsh, it is translated as "false penis"   18. An American company that has been producing dildos since 1976, to this day hand-paints details such as glands and veins.  19. According to the obvious shape, dildos are also found in forms from the animal kingdom. You can find dildos in the shape of cats, unicorns, dolphins, etc.  20. Glass dildos are made of borosilicate glass, which does not break. They are better known as "Pyrex".  21. ... and glass dildos can be washed in the dishwasher!  22. According to recent studies, 25% of sex toy users prefer the dildos used to be realistic.  23. The dildo is the second favorite sex toy, after vibrators.


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