Methods of using clitoral vibrators

Methods of using clitoral vibrators

Brilliant ways clitoral vibrators can be used

Most women reach orgasm easily by stimulating the clitoris, so it is why clitoral vibrators are so popular. Amazingly, the clitoris has about 8010 nerve endings that could not wait to be stimulated, so we recommend using a clitoral vibe, being an excellent method to truly explore all the possibilities pleasures. The clitoris is the only organ dedicated exclusively to pleasure. DelighToys we will try to explain how you can make the most of this Methods of using clitoral vibrators.

Try to experiment with different sex positions

Being quite compact, clitoral toys vibes can be used in a large variety of sex positions, for example, you can try to place it somewhere down and massage your clitoris on the external of the vibrator. If you are trying to squirt, you can try the Wet Games.

You always can try some new sensations

For new pleasure sensations try using the vibrator on your perineum, anus, thigs, or tits for sensations, discover what pleasures and you will learn to use the vibrator as you want. For extra smooth pleasure, you can also use gels and sex lubricants for self-stimulation. They are applied to sensitive areas of amplifying pleasure Methods of using clitoral vibrators.

Triple your sensation

Orgasms come from stimulation of several types to maximize pleasure, you can pair the clitoral vibrator with other sex toys, such as those intended for vaginal or anal penetration for extra ecstasy multiple orgasms. DelighToys has a wide range of G-spot stimulation and anal penetration.

Try fo get more fun in two

 It is always more pleasant when you can share the pleasure with someone so try different methods of stimulation with your partner sex toys for couples.

Use the clitoris vibrator for oral sex

To give your partner oral sex, either by holding it on the head of the penis or on your cheek. Your partner will be overwhelmed by euphoria, the sensation of a blowjob has never been more intense, you can try to stimulate it in the testicles, anus, and perineum, depending on your preferences Methods of using clitoral vibrators sex toys for women.

Oral sex for her

If the sex toy allows then you can slide the vibrator inside the vagina while stimulating your partner's clitoris with your tongue, for orgasmic sensations, both internally and externally. This technique works extremely well with a lubricating gel.

Another method is hands-free

Turn on the vibrator and place it in your underwear, you will feel lots of pleasure, without even having to do anything to increase the sensation, you can massage your pelvis with other surfaces, such as a pillow. If it sounds good to you then DelighToys recommends the Vibrating Egg Methods of using clitoral vibrators.

Methods of using clitoral vibrators