Your Favorite Sex Toys

Your Favorite Sex Toys.

Favorite Intimate products for your enjoyment.

Even if you have a single Your Favorite Sex Toys hidden in the sock drawer or a huge collection that will take care of the whole house, we all have a favorite toy that we come back to every time. That trusted toy you can't replace. Looking at six sex toys, here's what we think preferences say about your personality.


Sometimes, classic toys are the best. You know how to do this, and when the situation calls for it, you are ready to take control. You have a perfectionist spirit, and when you are needed, you are prepared to do everything as well as possible. Even in the most uncomfortable situations, despite appearances, you are calm and in control of the situation - it always takes a little more to overwhelm you. Make sure you have the time to relax, though, because sometimes you can be the last to realize how tired you are Your Favorite Sex Toys.


Love Eggs & Jiggle Balls

Appearances can be deceiving, and the bullet vibrator illustrates this better than anything. Of course, it is small and discreet, but when it is started it becomes obvious that it is irreplaceable. In the same way, those who know you least can say that you are a little shy, but the closest and dearest know the truth - you have a wild side to be seen. A depth that only a few lucky people know.

Love Eggs & Jiggle Balls

Butt plugs

What is life without adventure? Even if it's a new restaurant in the city, a course about something you've never heard or a fictional world within a book, movie or game you've discovered, live for news, no matter what their nature. Some people are happy to spend their lives without experiencing other kinds of toys, which is great for them, but for you, as much as you love anal plugs, you still want a little more. The standard day-to-day routine does not entirely please you, but you are prepared to face the hardships of life and let it take you on an unexpected road Your Favorite Sex Toys.

butt plugs

Cock rings

There are rare cases where you meet someone who helps others receive the same satisfaction as they would for them, but, you are part of this category. The most popular quality of the cock ring is a mutual pleasure that it offers. , stimulating both you and your partner equally, and the fact that you taught someone else's day, helps you get through your day easier too. Be careful, though. Just as a cock ring cannot reach its full potential if it is used for only one person, you should also take care of yourself.

cock rings

Magic Wand

If we were to choose just one thing associated with these sturdy super toys, this would be true and pure power, and you are not different either. Once you have started something, you can not stop it. Like wand, you can sometimes be a little overwhelming for some people, but when you are on the same wavelength as someone, then you can be sure that you have made a good friend in your life. For any surprises you are prepared for, you can be sure that you can overcome it with power, even if sometimes you take on more than others Your Favorite Sex Toys.

magic wand

Rabbit Vibrators

Some toys have power, others have precision, others cover your body with sensations and others make your clit play with happiness. Rabbit makes them all. Just like you. As a multitasker, no challenge is too great. Life is made to be lived - Unique experiences, the best of the best. What is life if not something to enjoy? When you do something you always have your own standards, and these are never some relaxed ones. Sometimes you can be too harsh with yourself and try too many at once, but you always come back with determination or friends Your Favorite Sex Toys.

rabbit vibrator