Vincen & Michael'S - Professional Oil Strawberry And Rhubarb 150Ml

Vincen & Michael'S - Professional Oil Strawberry And Rhubarb 150Ml

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This professional grade massage oil is a herbal aphrodisiac consisting of a fine blend of carefully scented plant oils with a small selection of pure essential oils.

Apply the oil to the skin and massage with long movements. For a more comfortable experience, massage from the heart and out instead of toward the heart. Alternate gentle strokes with firmer strokes and increased pressure making sure any tension in the muscles is released.

For an enhanced experience; Warm the massage oil in a hot water bath before applying it to the body. Pour the oil you are going to use into a small glass and put it in a bowl with a little hot water for five minutes. Hot tap water at about 45 degrees Celsius will be fine. This also releases some of the essential oils into the air creating a wonderful atmosphere with your chosen fragrance.

The massage oil is 100% vegan and a very good option for professional masseuses.

  • Strawberry and rhubarb fragrance