Tentacion - Gay Human Identical Synthetic Pheromones 30 Ml

Tentacion - Gay Human Identical Synthetic Pheromones 30 Ml

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Pheromones are chemical substances produced by our body naturally and deposited on our skin through sweat. Each individual leaves a chemical trail due to these pheromones that stimulate the olfactory receptors of others, although they are not consciously perceived since they do not They have a smell or it is very mild, which is why they are also known as the “sixth sense” hormones.

They act as chemical messengers that transmit information about the person, such as temperament, sexual desire, etc., this information travels to the hypothalamus and this triggers an instinctive response of attraction or rejection. Scientific studies have shown that this response is predictable and repetitive, constituting a true chemical attraction.

Pheromones are not magic potions that when applied turn us into all-powerful dominators of other people's wills, but they can reinforce our chemical trail to make us more “attractive.”

Our pheromones have been created by synthesis in renowned laboratories in the United Kingdom and the USA and have not been extracted or tested on animals. Their degree of purity in crystalline form is the highest on the market, around 98%.

This crystalline substance is diluted in a harmless carrier (natural triglyceride) to adjust its concentration to that found in our sweat. Our product is designed based on synergistic combinations of different pheromones and taking into account the sex of the carrier and the recipient.

Some of the substances we work with are

Pheromones for attraction from Man to Man

  • Alpha-androsténol