Swede - Herbal Aphrodisiac Massage Oil Tranquility 75 Ml

Swede - Herbal Aphrodisiac Massage Oil Tranquility 75 Ml

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This professional grade massage oil is a herbal aphrodisiac consisting of a fine blend of vegetable oils carefully fragranced with a minute selection of pure essential oils.

  • Herval aphrodisiac massage oil 
  • Flavour and scent: spearmint, roses and orange 

Apply the oil onto the skin and massage in long strokes. For a more comfortable experience massage from the heart and outwards rather than towards the heart. Alternate gentle caressing with more firm strokes and higher pressure making sure any tension in the muscles are released.

For an enhanced experience; heat the massage oil in a hot water bath before applying it onto the body. Pour the oil you intend to use in a small drinking glass and put it into a bowl with some hot water for five minutes. Hot tap water around 45 degrees Celsius will do fine. This also releases some of the essential oils into the air creating a wonderful atmosphere with your chosen fragrance

The massage oil is 100% vegan and a very good choice for professional massage therapists.