Secretplay - Organic Lubricant Oceanic 100Ml

Secretplay - Organic Lubricant Oceanic 100Ml

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Are you one of those who think that we have to put our batteries to take care of the planet? Do you feel that the natural lubricant has not yet arrived for you?

We have finally found it! The secret formula without traps. From the natural, to your home.

Try our new OCEANIC lubricant, we have searched like crazy, the best ingredients to adapt you, you will love it. Are you ready?

The OCEANIC is ideal for people who have the most delicate skin, contain Nori & Wakame,  some seeweeds that improve the elasticity of the skin, cure possible irritations and thanks to hyaluronic acid leaves a super smooth finish on the skin. The wonderful feeling that leaves you, you will fall in love so much that you will ask for a massage with love to your partner. It emulates natural lubrication so well, that you will not only use it in sexual moments, you will also miss it for the care of your intimate area.

Is it really true that it is?


  • Base component: water.
  • Organic ingredients and high quality vegans.
  • Without animal experimentation.
  • Compatible with latex and perfect for use with sex toys.
  • Soft texture, it is not sticky, nor does it have a viscous touch.
  • They do not contain parabens, gluten, or sugar.
  • 100ml recyclable bottle. touch soft touch.