Pjur - Woman Aqua Waterbased 100 Ml

Pjur - Woman Aqua Waterbased 100 Ml

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Pjur Woman Aqua has been specially designed for women's soft and sensitive skin.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Compatible with latex condoms.
  • Very high performance.
  • Water base with excellent properties

Cares for and protects dehydrated and fatigued skin.

Formulation based on water of the highest quality, unique composition. Without oils or grease. Fragrance-free, does not alter the taste or smell

Skin and mucosal compatibility has been dermatologically verified.

Humidifier completely penetrates the skin and leaves a silky skin sensation.

Suitable and recommended for daily use.

is a world leader in the manufacture of anal and vaginal lubricants, they are long-lasting, their reliability and durability is a benchmark in the sector.

  • Water base