Pjur - Superhero Retardant Lubricant 100 Ml

Pjur - Superhero Retardant Lubricant 100 Ml

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It is an ecologically formulated water-based lubricant with Ginkgo. The best lubricant now with retardant, for longer and more pleasant relationships.

  • Ginkgo means growth, strength and energy.
  • Enhances the erection
  • Feel the erotic stimulation.
  • Developed for external use on the penis.

Through its special ingredients it refreshes, increases elasticity and prevents hypersensitivity in the penis, delaying ejaculation and allowing you to enjoy much more time with your partner.

Safe for use with a condom.

is a world leader in the manufacture of anal and vaginal lubricants, as well as delayants and enhancers, they are long-lasting, their reliability and durability is a benchmark in the sector.

Inhaltsstoffe: Glycerin, Aqua, Hydroxypropyl, Ginkgo Biloba, Benzoesäure usw.