Pjur - Back Door Anal Relaxing Gel 250 Ml

Pjur - Back Door Anal Relaxing Gel 250 Ml

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Silicone lubricant fused with Jojoba, an essential component for intimate anal relations.

  • Silicone base fused with jojoba

One of our products designed for gay men and to improve anal sex. We combine silicone and jojoba lubricant.

The long-lasting lubrication properties of the silicone formula and the addition of natural jojoba extracts help relax the anal sphincter, while the skin will be noticeably softer and more supple.

The ingredients are the same as in our Pjur Analyze Me. Rest, slide, but in a higher concentration. Pjur Back Door is very slippery and is safe with condoms.

When combined with Pjur Back Door Spray, they make the perfect team.

is a world leader in the manufacture of anal and vaginal lubricants, as well as delayants and enhancers, they are long-lasting, their reliability and durability is a benchmark in the sector.