Moq 45 - Bruma Premium Massage Hot Oil Strawberry 3 In 1 - 100 Ml

Moq 45 - Bruma Premium Massage Hot Oil Strawberry 3 In 1 - 100 Ml

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The Premium Heat Effect Massage Oil chewing gum flavor from the brand is a true gem in the world of well-being and intimacy. This exquisite product, presented in an elegant 100 ml container, is Designed to provide a unique and sensual experience, providing a relaxing and stimulating massage with a touch of warmth that makes it even more special. here Here are the highlights developed in detail:

  • Heat Soothing Effect: MIST Massage Oil is a true relaxation treatment. Its unique formula warms gently upon contact with the skin, creating a sensation of warmth that helps relieve tension and stress accumulated in the muscles. This heat effect is perfect for an intimate or relaxing massage.
  • Versatility in Every Drop: This oil is not just a massage oil; It is a versatile and multifunctional product. It can be used as a massage oil, intimate lubricant and as a body oil to keep skin soft and hydrated. This makes it a complete option to improve intimacy and well-being.
  • offers a range of delicious flavors in its different versions, allowing couples to explore and enjoy unique experiences. From exotic fragrances to refreshing flavors, this oil adds an extra sensory touch to the experience.
  • Quality Ingredients: This oil is Formulated with high quality ingredients. It is completely free of gluten, parabens, sugar and dyes, making it a safe choice for all skin types, even the most sensitive.
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free: is proud to be a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand. No ingredients of animal origin are used and no animal testing is performed at any point in production.
  • Latex Compatibility: Importantly, this massage oil is compatible with latex condoms, making it ideal for couples who want to maintain safe practices and enjoy intimacy without worries.

In summary, BRUMA's Premium Heat Effect Massage Oil is a high-quality product that combines luxury, safety and versatility. With its relaxing heat effect, variety of flavors, and its commitment to health and sustainability, this massage oil is the perfect choice for couples looking to elevate their intimate experience and relax to the maximum.