Metal Hard - Cage Ring Metal Cage

Metal Hard - Cage Ring Metal Cage

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Discover your most Bdsm side! The ring cage is a metal chastity belt made of stainless steel, becoming the best way to prevent erection, stimulation or penetration of the submissive.

The way to use it is very simple, you will only have to place the ring behind the testicles and introduce the penis in a state of relaxation into the chastity cage, then you close the entire assembly with its padlock and you now have the submissive under your control .

Hypoallergenic and rust-free, all its edges are smooth.

The complete kit includes

  • 1. Chastity cage-belt with an inner diameter of 32-36 mm in diameter, can accommodate penises with a penis length in a relaxed state of 10 to 12 cm
  • 1.Interchangeable metal rings for testicles
  • 4. Does not include lock

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