Maxell - Battery Litio Cr2025 3V 5Uds

Maxell - Battery Litio Cr2025 3V 5Uds

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The CR2025 battery is used in watches, as well as providing high power for calculators, PDAs, medical devices, and toys, among others. With a useful life of up to ten years, this battery is an economical option that allows you to keep your electronic equipment running.


– Brand: Maxell
– Type: CR2025
– Technology: Lithium

– Uses: Car key rings, calculators, motherboards...

– Modèle : CR2025MAXB5

– Type : CR2025
– Technologie : Lithium
– Tension : 3V

– Modell: CR2025MAXB5

– Typ: CR2025
– Technologie: Lithium

– Modello: CR2025MAXB5


– Typ: CR2025
– Technologia: litowa