Intt - Pheros Fantasy Hair And Skin Cream With Pheromones

Intt - Pheros Fantasy Hair And Skin Cream With Pheromones

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INTT Pheros Fantasy is a very special product designed for the skin and hair, acting as a moisturizer and leaving an irresistible pheromone scent.

It is a unique and remarkable product. Just applying a small amount of cream leaves skin and hair satiny soft and with a sweet scent that lingers on the skin. All its functions include leaving the skin silky, hair repair at ends, detangling, it provides shine and softness and an aphrodisiac fragrance.

Its method of use consists of applying it to the skin with gentle massages and applying a small amount to dry or damp hair without rinsing.

It comes in a convenient 120 ml spray bottle.

Main features:

  • Product for skin and hair.
  • Moisturizes the skin.
  • Contains pheromones.
  • Sweet and sensual aroma.
  • End capillary repairer.
  • Comfortable container with vaporizer.
  • Provides shine and softness.
  • 120 ml bottle.

  • Enthält Pheromone.

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