Intimateline - Water Base Gel For Nuru Massage 500 Ml

Intimateline - Water Base Gel For Nuru Massage 500 Ml

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Nuru Gel is a water-based gel completely designed for Nuru massage. Thanks to its innovative formula, it slides over the skin and gives it a stimulating and enveloping sensation that will make the massage more sensual.

Nuru is a Japanese massage technique, an incredibly erotic foreplay that prepares for pleasure by creating a strong intimacy between two people. The massage is performed with the help of a specific Nuru Gel, which makes the bodies slippery and friction-free, to recreate a condition of well-being and absence of gravity. The Nuru Gel formulation is specifically designed for body massages, it is odorless and colorless for an intense aphrodisiac effect.

Nuru massage, originally from Japan, falls into the category of body massages. The gel is spread completely over the two naked bodies, allowing it to slide against each other as if in the absence of gravity. This practice allows you to awaken sexual desire, creating an aphrodisiac effect.

  • Water base
  • Enveloping and stimulating