Fleshlight Girls - Jessica Drake Vagina
Fleshlight Girls - Jessica Drake Vagina

Fleshlight Girls - Jessica Drake Vagina

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Feel each of the folds and the intimate textures and curves of the famous porn actress Jessica Drake

Jessica Drake has been active in the porn industry since 1999. She previously performed as a stripper in El Paso, Texas. She dominated the industry and secured a good place in the Hall of Fame. There is nothing she hasn't done, from double penetrations, to group sex, oral... and now... here you have an incredible masturbator with a mold of her vagina.

On the outside, this male masturbator has the exclusive design that only Fleshlight has and that makes it the number 1 male masturbator brand in the world for its design.

Inside, the sleeves are made of a realistic material, it is as if it were real skin, adapting to your body temperature, which will give it much more realism. Her vagina design is spectacular both inside and out. Its interior is an exact replica of this actress's vagina, which makes it a unique and super exclusive piece of pleasure.

With this masturbator you will get the best masturbation experience for men. It is as if it were a real vagina

It has two covers, a main one, which covers the outside of the sleeve, and a lower one with which you can regulate the level of pressure and therefore masturbation.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • High quality silicone material

Fleshlight® is a world leader in the manufacture of male masturbators using molds of real people, its great qualities and qualities have given rise to a brand designed for men and their unique pleasure in the world!!

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