Extase Sensual - Silk Nights
Extase Sensual - Silk Nights

Extase Sensual - Silk Nights

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If you liked sensual ecstasy, you cannot miss its essence in these kits, for a night of complete Passion, fantasies and great sensations.

Pack with the following content:

  • - Rose Extase scented petal-shaped candles.
  • - Strawberry lubricant gel, 35 ml bottle.

The aroma that each body gives off when making love is unsurpassed and unmatched, since it is the essence of the person we love.

The smell of Sex stimulates your emotions through the Extase Red Passion Candles. Scent your space and a greater loving and sexual union with your partner will ignite.

Therefore, Extase exotic Flower Petals help you enhance those sensations. Spread them on your partner's body or on the bed. The chemistry between you will be enhanced, stimulating the taste for each other's smell.

Even more, if you want a warmer and more pleasant lubrication, complement and discover the ultra-silky properties of the strawberry Lubricating Massage gel.

Extase Sensual is perfect for your intimate moments, the delicate manufacturing processes and strict quality controls make Extase Sensuel one of the perfect companions for intimate and sensual relationships.