Extase Sensual - Set Nuits Amour Travel Format

Extase Sensual - Set Nuits Amour Travel Format

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Simple little set, discreet but tremendously effective for full enjoyment. Strawberry massages with a warming effect and exquisite taste. Stimulant for her to reach climax.

The is a sensual and stimulating experience designed to satisfy her most intimate desires. It consists of two exquisite products that promise to elevate the intimate connection and awaken passion as a couple.

First of all, we find the 10 ml single doses of Pocket “Plaisir pour Elle”, a formula specially designed to offer intense and pleasant stimulation. These single doses, compact in size and easy to carry, are the perfect complement for those spontaneous moments of desire. With carefully selected ingredients, this formula seeks to intensify sensations and provide unparalleled pleasure.

On the other hand, the set includes Strawberry Travel Hot Oil, a hot massage oil that will completely transform the sensory experience. With a 35 ml container, this oil is designed to stimulate the senses and increase the emotional connection between lovers. Its delicious strawberry aroma creates a sensual and passionate atmosphere, while its soft and hot texture promises moments of pure ecstasy.

This set is more than just a set of products; It is an invitation to explore new dimensions of pleasure and connection. Ideal for couples looking to fan the spark of intimacy, 'Plaisir pour Elle' presents itself as the perfect choice for those who wish to experience unforgettable moments of delight and emotional connection. Discover the magic of this set designed to awaken the senses and elevate passion as a couple, creating sensual memories that will last in the memory of both."


  • Travel Hot Oil Strawberry 35 ml