Extase Sensual - Male Retardant Pocket 10 Ml

Extase Sensual - Male Retardant Pocket 10 Ml

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The widest and most exclusive market selection of pocket-size single doses. For occasional relationships, for beginners to sensual massage and for those who consider it essential in their
getaways... Ideal for exploring and easily trying the best specialties.

The 10 ml ' ' single doses, the male retardant designed to enhance pleasure and prolong the intensity of intimate encounters, are the key to a longer and more satisfying sexual experience. This innovative product has been carefully formulated for those who wish to extend the pleasure shared with their partner, while maintaining complete control over their performance.

' pod contains a unique formula that combines high-quality ingredients known for their retardant properties. This advanced gel offers a sensation of freshness and control, allowing men to prolong arousal and delay climax, thus enjoying longer and fuller intimate encounters.

The convenience of these 10 ml pods adds a practical element to the pleasure. Their compact and discreet size makes them the perfect companion for any occasion, allowing users to carry the secret to a longer-lasting experience, ready for use whenever passion arises.

The application is simple and direct, providing a refreshing sensation that translates into greater control and satisfaction for both the man and his partner. 'Pocket' represents the ideal solution for those who wish to explore new dimensions of intimacy, offering the promise of longer, more intense and rewarding encounters.

Discover the magic of ' ', the male retardant in a 10 ml single dose, and experience the power of controlling time to reach new heights of shared pleasure in the intimacy of your relationship.