Eros - Bodyglide Superconcentrated Lubricant 2 Ml

Eros - Bodyglide Superconcentrated Lubricant 2 Ml

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Are you passionate about EROS silicone lubricants? Then there is no way you can miss EROS Bodyglide Super-concentrated Lubricant in your collection.

Already in 1994 it was the first silicone-based lubricant in the world and represented a milestone. Currently, production of the classic silicone-based lubricant EROS, considered the Rolls Royce among lubricants, continues.

With its appropriate retro design, it is reminiscent of the beginning of silicone-based lubricants. The quality remains the same: with its unique and effective superior quality of 100% EROS silicone, we guarantee you pure sliding pleasure and an extremely long slippery duration without drying out!

Enjoy a sliding experience that you will not forget, unparalleled docility and a pleasantly silky and incomparable sensation on the skin!