Eros-Art - Ferowoman Pheromone Concentrate For Women

Eros-Art - Ferowoman Pheromone Concentrate For Women

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Concentrated natural product without perfumes.

  • Increases the power of seduction
  • Boosts self-esteem and confidence

You will be more seductive, confident and magnetic in the eyes of others. “FEROWOMAN Concentre”: It is the powerful combination of two ingredients of natural extracts and, together, they are a very surprising active ingredient to increase copulins, (female pheromones), and testosterone in men, all in order to attract and power seduce the person you want.

A few drops are enough to make femininity, self-esteem, self-confidence and power flourish in women, and make women much more seductive, fascinating and magnetic in the eyes of others.

Pheromones are invisible and volatile molecules produced by apocrine glands and that play a fundamental role in behavior. These molecules are odorless and are not captured by the olfactory mucous membranes, but by a second odor system called the vomeronasal organ. Men produce androstenol, while women produce copulins.

Pheromones are true chemical messengers and are intended to transmit information between individuals of the same species. They are the ones who define whether we are attracted to a person or not: if we like the smell we experience feelings of security and attraction, otherwise we experience indifference.