Electrastim - Double Bi-Polar Pinwheel
Electrastim - Double Bi-Polar Pinwheel

Electrastim - Double Bi-Polar Pinwheel

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The 2-wheel ElectraStim pinwheel serves up twice as many teasing sensations with every stroke to improve your erotic response during sensory play. An incredible tie-and-tease tool of seduction, you can enjoy its erotic charms with or without an electrostimulation unit. Although this bedroom bondage accessory looks scary, it’s designed to be used gently to awaken desire during foreplay.

Each petite wheel features an array of pointed spikes which gently glide over the skin, inducing pleasurable goosebumps and increasing sensitivity to enhance the impact of every intimate touch. Connecting with bi-polar contacts, both wheels come to life with tingling estim sensation to prolong the effectiveness of their teasing ways.

Amplify the effects of stimulation by using our conductive gel on both wheels before play.

Bi-Polar with plated brass contacts.

For external stimulation - takes 2x 2mm pin connectors.

1 Bi-Polar Electro Pinwheel is included. You will need to plug the pinwheel into an ElectraStim stimulator to feel the sensations described. Measures 7 inches in total length with spikes measuring 0.25 inches long (170mm long/ spikes are 6mm)

Plated brass contacts with acrylic handles.