Diablo Picante - Penis Green Pepper

Diablo Picante - Penis Green Pepper

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Its a for bachelor parties, birthdays, parties or any event. Laughter will be Guaranteed, you will fill your bachelor parties with happiness!

We are  specialized in toys for adults in the form of sexy gifts for birthdays, bachelor parties and any type of event that requires a spicy touch. We have a wide variety of sexual products on the market to offer a very particular range of products. It is It is visible in practically 100% of adult stores, and is essential when throwing a sexual-themed party.

  • Plastic Vegetables with Surprises: These are replicas of vegetables made of plastic, such as carrots, cucumbers, eggplants and peppers, designed to look realistic to the naked eye. However, the surprise lies within. When opening or disassembling these vegetables, party attendees will find a surprise, which will be a penis.
  • Interactive component: These products add an element of surprise and interaction to the party, as attendees can discover the surprises when they open the plastic vegetables. This can encourage guest participation and create memorable moments during the celebration.
  • In addition to their function as a surprise, these plastic vegetables can serve as thematic decoration for the party. They can add a touch of humor and originality to the festive atmosphere.
  • Variety of options: There are different types of plastic vegetables with surprises.