Cobeco - Coolmann Testoboost 40 Tabs

Cobeco - Coolmann Testoboost 40 Tabs

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CoolMann Testoboost with Tribulus Terrestris. Promotes sexual ability.


  • - Tribulus Terrestris supports the health of the reproductive organs.
  • - Tribulus Terrestris supports sexual activity.
  • - Saw Palmetto is good for the prostate.

The exclusive CoolMann Testoboost contains a balanced composition of ingredients specifically selected for the promotion of men's health. Tribulus Terrestris supports, among other things, the blood supply, which can have a positive effect on the blood circulation of the penis. In addition, CoolMann Testoboost contains several active ingredients that promote sexual desire.

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CoolMann Testoboost con Tribulus Terrestris. Promuove la capacità sessuale.