Cobeco - Coolman Bodyglide 150Ml

Cobeco - Coolman Bodyglide 150Ml

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Seduce each other with naughty body massages. Pamper yourself and fall in love with this product! CoolMann Bodyglide seduces you. Seduce each other with sweet body massages and you will have a sweeter erotic act. This lubricant is soft for the skin and without mineral oil. And you know what is also so beautiful with this product?

It nourishes the skin! This is why CoolMann Bodyglide is a multipurpose and complete product. CoolMann BodyGlide is an intimate lubricant, which guarantees a natural pleasure thanks to its unique sliding texture. Ideal for body massages and sexual intercourse.

This intimate lubricant has a moisturizing and moisturizing effect. It provides more comfort during sexual intercourse and complements the natural lubrication of the body, making sexual intercourse more intense. CoolMann BodyGlide provides more pleasure to both partners. This lubricant can also be used in combination with latex condoms.

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