Bijoux - Aphrodisia Body Mist
Bijoux - Aphrodisia Body Mist
Bijoux - Aphrodisia Body Mist

Bijoux - Aphrodisia Body Mist

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A hypnotic fragrance that captivates the senses.

Dew from the garden of delights combined with the elegance of roses and the exuberant aromas of ylang ylang and jasmine.

  • Content: Alcohol-free body mist with the exclusive Bijoux Indiscrets essence (130 ml).

Bijoux is a symbol of pleasure, eroticism and sensuality, they manufacture key products for the best climax in your intimate moments.

Imagination is present in all aspects of life, but it is especially relevant in moments of intimacy. At Bijoux Indiscrets, we know how important fantasies and play are in relationships.

For this reason, each of our products hides an idea, a story and a secret that gives them personality, making them unique.

Welcome to the secret world of Bijoux Indiscrets.

  • The origin of the Name Bijoux Indiscrets!

“Les Bijoux Indiscrets” is the erotic novel written by Denis Diderot, in the 18th century, in which his characters live in a dream world full of eroticism and fantasy. They access that other reality thanks to a magic ring. And it is, precisely, that “magic ring” that presides over our name, and we hope it guides us, to be able to also lead all our clients to that other world full of pleasures and sensual adventures.