Aqua Travel - Lollipop Flavour Waterbased Lubricant 6 Ml

Aqua Travel - Lollipop Flavour Waterbased Lubricant 6 Ml

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We all know that traveling is the best way to get lost and find yourself at the same time and that there are too many adventures out there waiting to be lived. But, travel, not to escape from life, but so that life does not escape, because it is the only thing we can buy in life but at the same time, make us richer ...

As we love to travel, we know what it takes to make it unforgettable and with its range of water-based lubricants and explosive flavor, will from now on become your ideal companion, its delicious taste, long-lasting lubrication, easy cleaning and compact size will become an indispensable in your travel bag!

  • Water-based lubricant
  • Delicious and intense Lollipop flavour
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for oral sex
  • Compatible with latex condoms

Fill your life with wonderful moments and allow  to accompany you on your journey!