Amoreane - Water Based Lubricant Cold Effect 50 Ml

Amoreane - Water Based Lubricant Cold Effect 50 Ml

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Intimate lubricant with refreshing effect. Improves vaginal lubrication, promoting sexual relations and relieving discomfort.

Immerse yourself in a stimulating and refreshing experience with our cold effect lubricant, a revolutionary fusion of pleasure and freshness that will transform your life. Your intimate encounters in unforgettable moments. This lubricant has been carefully designed to offer a unique and exciting sensation, taking intimacy to the next level.

The advanced formula of this lubricant combines the softness of gel with a refreshing cold effect that awakens your senses and adds a whole new dimension to your intimate experiences. Upon contact with the skin, you will feel a stimulating and fresh sensation that spreads gently, creating a delicious sensation of freshness that intensifies each caress and touch.

This cold effect lubricant has been created with the highest quality ingredients, guaranteeing smooth and long-lasting lubrication. Its formula not only provides a sensation of freshness, but also helps reduce friction, facilitating intimacy and allowing you to enjoy more pleasant and comfortable moments.

The sensation of freshness unfolds gradually, creating a sensual and gradual experience that accompanies the rhythm of intimacy. Whether to explore new sensations or simply to add an exciting touch to your encounters, this cold-effect lubricant adapts to your desires and needs, elevating the connection between couples to new heights of pleasure.

In addition, the formula of this lubricant is compatible with sex toys and condoms, allowing you to explore your fantasies safely and without worries. Enjoy the stimulating freshness that this lubricant brings to your intimate moments, turning each encounter into an unforgettable sensory experience that will make you feel excited. want to repeat over and over again.