Id Stimulation Gel For Her - Stimulating Gel For Her 30 Ml

Id Stimulation Gel For Her - Stimulating Gel For Her 30 Ml

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Increases sensitivity and stimulation in the clitoris to strengths you never imagined existed. A mixture of natural aphrodisiacs that help achieve and intensify orgasm.

A small drop is enough to massage the clitoris and you will immediately feel greater warming and stimulation.

For some women, a gel for female stimulation and increased arousal, ID Stimifying Gel is the perfect choice. This refined gel is stimulating and like a magic wand takes you to levels of orgasmic pleasure.

ID Stimifying Gel was created by women for women and contains a unique combination of love potion ingredients.

This gel has the ability to envelop you in ecstasy in ways you can only dream of. Of course, this product is not only used to enhance the female intimate experience but also produces an intense sensation of heat. This feeling of warmth brings women during the intimate experience towards the limit, and will leave you gasping with satisfaction, you know you are doing yourself a favor when you decide to use ID Stimifying Gel.

This formula will bathe you in waves of excitement and pleasure with every caress and touch of the clitoris. ID Stimulating Gel washes off easily and does not stain.

Once again ID's sophistication and innovation is reflected with this wonderful product for female stimulation.

Losing your temper has never been so fun...

ID has been manufacturing personal lubricants since 1993 and are experts in the field. IDs quality lubricants are specially formulated to increase personal pleasure and comfort for a memorable intimate experience. Whether used alone or with or without condoms, ID lubricants are designed to reduce friction. When using condoms, proper lubrication helps prolong the integrity of the condom and increase overall stimulation.