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Anal Sex Guide changing sexual dynamics in couples.

Introduction to the secrets of anal sex. For beginners in the secrets of anal sex, the first experience is extremely important. Extended Anal Sex Guide can form a positive or negative opinion, the first impressions being always important, especially when it comes to sex. It is indeed, in general, a taboo subject, and a first negative experience can cause many to give up the idea, but so can future pleasant experiences. In this guide, we will explore the topic of anal sex and suggest ideas to safely experience everything that involves anal penetration and stimulation, with or without a partner.

Reasons and Benefits

The reasons why partners choose to initiate anal sex can be multiple: desire or curiosity about new sexual experiences, reinvigorating a monotonous couple's life, fantasy of double penetration (vaginal and anal), domination games and changing sexual dynamics in couples, orgasmic potential explosive or desire to experiment with practices considered more or less taboo. The nerve endings of the anus are connected by the pelvic muscles, and these can offer unpleasant pleasures, it is also a way to access point G or even point P (in men - point P comes from "prostate"), which is why anal sex is the perfect method to experiment with new types of orgasms, although not everyone can orgasm through anal penetration. The secret of success is the simultaneous stimulation of other erogenous areas.

Discuss with your partner

Before attempting anal sex, we recommend discussing with your partner about possible concerns and restraints and making sure they agree to experiment with anal penetration of any kind. Try to find out as much about the subject and ask them questions in a patient and open-minded manner and try to find out how far they are willing to go. If the partner is reluctant to the subject, you can propose to fulfill one of their fantasies.


One of the most important aspects and a problem that many pose as beginners is that of hygiene. For the inner peace of both partners, make sure that the area is as clean as possible, and for the best results we recommend using an anal irrigator before sexual contact, so you can experiment with confidence. You can also try the enema. It is recommended to use a condom, sexually transmitted diseases can also be transmitted by anal. Remember, hygiene is not just important before anal sex, but also after that, make sure you wash every time, especially if you are about to start vaginal sex, being a risk of infection. It applies to both the penis and fingers, as well as toys.

Comfort and Pleasure

Another aspect to consider for the uninitiated is the possibility of pain or discomfort. Anal cavity membranes can be particularly sensitive. If it is the first or among the first experiences of this kind, a good idea would be to start by handling and massaging the erogenous area, and after the partner has settled in, you can try inserting a finger (latex gloves can be used), an anal stopper. or other small anal toys. We recommend trying this type of anal play for a few days, even a week or two before the actual anal sex begins. Also, do not forget about the lubricant. It should be used for every occasion. It is recommended anal lubricants, specially designed for anal sex. They have a viscous consistency than ordinary lubricants and may be the factor that makes the difference between discomfort and pleasure. Pay attention to the reactions and mood of the partner, do not hesitate to ask if you feel discomfort and make sure everything is ok during the experience. A good method for minimizing discomfort is gradual penetration, with the partner or partner above, thus controlling the speed and depth of penetration with ease (the same principle can be applied in the goat position). The muscles of the sphincter must be relaxed. It helps to breathe deeply and slowly during penetration. After accommodation, you can try other positions, depending on your preference.

Games and Toys

If you want to try other types of anal stimulation, you can find many toys for anal games, such as anal balls, anal plugs, which can be found in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, depending on your preferences or you can opt for sets containing the essentials all sex toys can be found on our website https://delightoys.co.uk/. Extended Anal Sex Guide For beginners, we recommend products with a wider base (not to slip into the anal cavity) or with cord or ring so that they can be safely and easily removed. The question you ask yourself at the moment could be "How do I open the topic of anal toys?". A good solution would be to look at different toys together, discussing the benefits of each. A healthy sexual relationship is primarily based on communication. If you are in the beginning, we recommend smaller toys such as an anal plug or a set of anal balls. Attention, the use of an anal lubricant is mandatory, and the penetration should be done gradually, without haste, for a relaxing and pleasant match

DelighToys want you to have a healthy and fulfilled sex life, and as long as you follow these recommendations, you should have a pleasant and safe first experience

Extended Anal Sex Guide