Alive - Adam S Realistic Penis 17.75 Cm
Alive - Adam S Realistic Penis 17.75 Cm

Alive - Adam S Realistic Penis 17.75 Cm

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Realistic dildos  They represent an exceptional fusion between ergonomic design, detailed textures. These sex toys are designed to mimic the look and feel of a real penis, offering a more authentic and pleasurable experience.

Super soft premium silicone with SILEXPAN® double density: maximum sensation, density and flexibility.

Extra-strong suction base, which allows the toy to be fixed on flat surfaces, such as walls or floors, for greater versatility in exploring positions and scenarios. This adds an extra layer of creative, hands-on play.

It is essential to highlight that these toys are designed to be safe and easy to clean. Many are waterproof, making hygiene and maintenance easy. By following the manufacturers instructions, users can ensure safe and long-lasting use.

Thermo-reactive effect: Microwave: 30 s max. / boiling water: 60 s max. Avoid other heat sources.

  • Color: Flesh
  • : Length 17.75 cm / Diameter 3.8 cm
  • Waterproofing: Waterproof-IPX8

Effet thermo-réactif

  • Cor: Carne