Top 5 Sex Positions for Awkward Spaces

Top 5 Sex Positions for Awkward Spaces

Top 5 Sex Positions for Awkward Spaces

While time and space (actual time and space, not the “Wibbly Wobbly” sort) are certainly two factors that are conducive to great sex, they aren’t necessarily the be all and end all, and aren’t always possible for us to find in our day to day busy lives. Our quickie sex article looked at some of the best places for those “wham bam thank you, ma’am” times, and now we’ve decided to put together a list of positions that will help you get the best sex you can if you only have an awkward space to play in. 

Lap Dance Position

This seated position is perfect for a small, cramped space. With him sitting straight up in a chair, and her on his lap facing forwards. To the casual observer she’s just sitting on his lap, but for the two indulging it’s a position that allows for deep penetration and intimate closeness, and requires no nakedness that anyone will actually see if someone accidentally happens to come across you while you’re playing.

Perfect places for this position: Front (or back) seats of a car. Behind an office desk. In a toilet cubicle. 

Hanging Garden

The classic standing position where he stands up straight and holds her up in a front facing position with her legs wrapped around his waist. While yes, this position does require stamina and strength, if you’re into it and able to do it, it is perfect for almost any cramped space, especially if there’s a wall for him to lean against as it can help ease some of the weight off his back and legs.

Perfect place for this position: Shower (be aware of slippery soap and water and glass and other hazards please!) Wardrobe or closet (perhaps a storage room or a photocopier room in the office) Airplane toilets (but please understand the public really don’t need to know what you’re doing).

Magic Mountain 

While our illustration of this position uses cushions to create the “mountain” this position is perfect to use on a small outdoor balcony. Instead of the cushions, she can rest her arms on the balcony fence or railings, and he can enter her from behind. To anyone who happens to glance up it just looks like he’s hugging her from behind, but to the couple, fucking outside, with the twinkling lights of the world below, and no one any the wiser to what is going on, it can be an incredible thrill!

Perfect places for this position: Balcony, mezzanine, behind the office desk.

Side By Side Play

As we always say and like to constantly remind our readers, sex does not have to include the penetration of a penis into a vagina. It is far more than that, and sometimes, for whatever reason, penetrative sex is just not possible, but it doesn’t mean you can’t play!

Sitting side by side and not able to get it on without really drawing attention to yourselves? Drape a blanket or jacket over your laps and let your fingers do the walking! Touch and tease and flick and tug. Just try and make sure you don’t get too much of a “dancing doona” effect.

Perfect places for this position: Car seats. Airplane seats. Train seats. Movie theatres. 

Face to Face

Face to Face is a gorgeously intimate sitting position that sees him kneeling in front of her perched on the edge of a seat with her legs wrapped around his waist or hips. You don’t need a lot of space or movement for this position as he just needs to hold her close, and then you both gently rock together to create incredibly deep (both physically and metaphorically) connective feelings.

Perfect places for this position: On your office chair, in a bathroom cubicle, even in a small closet space if there’s something to sit on!

As always we need to remind you that just because you’re into it, doesn’t mean other people are. If you are playing in a public space or somewhere you may get caught then that is entirely your risk to take and can come with some hefty fines and charges. There is also the fact that you could really upset, offended or even traumatise people who have absolutely nothing to do with your life or your proclivities and that’s not fair in any sense, no matter what your kinks or fetishes are. 

Consent isn’t just for you and your partner, it’s for everyone else around you in that moment, and if they have not consented to be exposed to it, it is actually a form of assault. So don’t be those people!

But with all that in mind it’s always good to know that to have good sex most any time and anywhere, it’s only a matter of your imagination and creativity. No space? No time? No problem!

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