Amoreane - Massage Candle Tropical Temptation 30 Ml

Amoreane - Massage Candle Tropical Temptation 30 Ml

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Tropical Temptation Massage Candle. Our handmade massage candle offers a warm and sensual atmosphere for your intimate moments.

Start by lighting your candle 10 minutes before the massage until the wax becomes liquid on its entire surface. Then blow out the candle and slowly pour the oil into the palm of your hand it will not burn. ;Apply it to the body and start the massage.

Elevate your moments of self-care to an indulgent experience with our exquisite massage candles, each infused with a variety of captivating aromas that awaken your senses and offer a unique sensory indulgence. These candles, beyond From simply illuminating your space, they transform into a source of well-being that fuses the softness of light with the richness of carefully selected essential oils to offer an unforgettable massage experience.

Each candle has been designed to provide a unique fragrance that adapts to your moods and preferences. From the floral and relaxing notes that transport you to a garden in the middle of spring to the warm and enveloping fragrances that create a cozy feeling, each candle offers an olfactory journey that complements the massage experience.

Massage candles are formulated with special blends of waxes and essential oils that melt at a warm, skin-safe temperature. Once lit, the candle transforms into a warm, silky oil, ready to be applied to the skin. This massage oil, enriched with the irresistible scents of the candle, creates a sensual and relaxing massage experience that revitalizes both body and mind.

Experience the softness of the warm oil while the fragrances envelop your body, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being. Each candle has been designed with attention to detail, from the choice of essential oils to the duration of the burn, to ensure a massage experience that suits your needs and desires.< /p>

  • Hours of Use: 5 / 6 hours
  • Made in Spain

Tropical Temptation Massagekerze.

  • : 5/6 ore