500 Cosmetics - Foliactive Pills Food Supplement Hair Loss
500 Cosmetics - Foliactive Pills Food Supplement Hair Loss

500 Cosmetics - Foliactive Pills Food Supplement Hair Loss

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Hair loss is usually caused by several factors, including stress, diet, genetics, bad habits and even hormonal changes. For these reasons and many others that also include hair loss, it is advisable to generate an extra nutritional contribution for the scalp. And this is one of the effects of the ingredients that make up Foliactive pills. In addition, each hair is made up of the hair follicle and the sebaceous gland, and is weakened by problems in the blood circulation of the scalp; the vessels become smaller which causes the hair to become weak and fall out. Many of the ingredients of Foliactive pills. contain vasodilator effects while others provide vitamins and minerals. The combination of all of them means that their benefits reach the hair follicle directly, thus improving the quality of the hair. In essence, with Foliactive pills the quality of the hair is improved naturally, making it possible to prevent hair loss. This is thanks to a complete set of ingredients that act directly on the scalp, providing numerous benefits that result in healthy and strong hair.

Foliactive Pills is a food supplement, based on vitamins and minerals, which prevents and stops hair loss as well as improving its appearance. The pills, which act from inside the body, are mainly composed of natural ingredients that achieve:

  • Fight hair loss
  • Prevent weakness and fall
  • Help the regeneration of damaged hair follicles
  • Sanitizes the capillary area
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Stimulates blood flow

  • Indication: Men and women suffering from frequent or occasional hair loss
  • Properties: Preventive and nutritive
  • How to use: 2 pills should be taken daily (morning/night)
  • Format: Box of 60 pills