Oxballs Tailpipe Black

Oxballs Tailpipe Black


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Oxballs Tailpipe Black

Tailpipe Black Anal Sex Toy

The Oxballs Tailpipe Black is the perfect accessory for incredible anal play. This toy takes your solo and partner pleasure to the next level and features a chastity device to keep you on lockdown. This toy can be put on when you?re soft and is made from Oxballs? signature material, FLEX-TPR. It is super smooth and the buttplug delivers exciting anal pleasure where it counts. This toy is modelled on Oxballs best selling Cock-Lock. The cockcage measures 8.89cm and the butt plug measures 7cm. This toy is easily cleaned with simple soap and water and is compatible with water based lubricants. Please check out this category: Butt Plugs


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