Oxballs Penetrator Black

Oxballs Penetrator Black


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Oxballs Penetrator Black

Oxballs Penetrator Black Dildo

The Oxballs Penetrator Black Dildo penis sheath is the ultimate toy for men who want to enhance the size and look of their penis while pleasuring themselves in the process. This cocksheath is made from soft TPR, it moulds to your body with a smooth sucking sensation that feels like a deep throat experience. This toy is modelled on the Oxballs Gym-Boy. This clear penis enhancer doesn?t just add length and size to your penis, it also features ridges on the inside that stimulate you with every thrust. This toy looks just as good as it feels, adding visual pleasure to your session. It comes with a silicone stopper that locks into the grooved indents at the length that suits your own penis. This toy is free from phthalates, and is non-toxic and easily cleaned. Add a water based lubricant for enhanced pleasure and sensation. It measures 20.32 inches. Please check out this product: Double Penetrator Flesh 8.75in


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