Oxballs Ballsling Ball Split Sling

Oxballs Ballsling Ball Split Sling


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Oxballs Ballsling Ball Split Sling

Ballsling Ball Split Sling Cocksling

Oxballs Ballsling Ball Split Sling Introducing the special edition cocksling and ball-separator, BALLSLING. BALLSLING?is everything you love about the original?COCKSLING design but it?s thicker and softer.?BALLSLING?has a built-in sackring at the base and a thick strap of?FLEXtpr? that pushes down on your balls and acts as a separator. The ring keeps your balls anchored down in the sling and the separates them. It?s made from signature?FLEXtpr? so it?s super blubbery and squishy but still firm. Please check out this Product: Oxballs Ass X Black

Width: 2?/ 5.08 cm

Height: 3?/ 7.62 cm

Main hole circumference: 4.25?/ 10.80 cm

Shaft hole Circumference: 3.75?/ 9.53 cm

Ball hole circumference: 3.25?/ 8.26 cm

Weight: 1.5 oz



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