Me-Seduce Taylor Set Black L/Xl

Me-Seduce Taylor Set Black L/Xl



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We introduce Black Diamond, the new collection of the?prestigious European lingerie?Me-Seduce Brand and their exclusive lingerie pieces and accesories:??

Fantastic harness for lower parts of the body.
Cuffs included.
Number of rings and two stripes with little snap hooks give you countless opportunities of buckling and joining.
All is made of ecoleather, hand pressed silver studs and rings
Composition: 95% poliester 5% cotton
Color: Black
Size: L/XL

Me-Seduce?was created in 2013 and it's focuses on erotic lingerie for women and men. In autumn 2018 the brand has been honoured by XBIZ Europe and given the price of Lingerie Company of the Year (2018). It was the first european edition and the only polish brand even nominated. Now it's been nominated in the american edition of XBIZ in two cathegories: Lingerie Company of the Year (2019) and Lingerie Collection of the Year.?


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