Les Petits Bonbons Silky Sensual Handcuffs.

Les Petits Bonbons Silky Sensual Handcuffs.



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These two soft ribbons conceal a dangerous secret… By looping the end of the ribbon through the hole, you have strong handcuffs which will surround your wrists with silky sensation, leaving your bound by their delicacy. These soft cuffs are the perfect starting point for someone interested in the sophisticated art of bondage.

Did you know that…

… one of the most common fantasies in men and women is allowing themselves to be dominated by their partner?

… the art of bondage consists in restraining your partner’s movements with ties in order to enter into a game that gives free rein to fantasies and sexual arousal?

… the origin of term “bondage” comes from the old English “bonde” which means serf?

… in order to be practiced safely, bondage requires agreement and mutual consent of both partners? This submission implies absolute trust in your partner. It’s a valuable gift which should be mutual.



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