Harness Attraction Robert 19 X 3.9Cm

Harness Attraction Robert 19 X 3.9Cm



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Harness Attraction is the most complete harness collection! Realistic, rotators, with vibration, gaps, etc. Now is the opportunity to make your fantasies come true with the full Harness Attracion Guarantee. Carefully revised quality for a perfect result.

This Harness Attraction harness is endowed with a realistic penis, with shapes very well designed to improve pleasure in relationships.

Thanks to its strap system, in addition to being suitable for many waists, it remains in place during all activity.

The Harness Loco system is a type of lace patented by Harness Attraction, with which you can exchange infinity of penises and dongs to the same harness.

Phalatos-free Tpr realistic penis
Neoprene and vegan leather harness?
Soft and silky to the touch
Realistic Penis Measurements; 19 x 3.9cm

This harness is intended for the use of women and men interchangeably.


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