Fleshskins Blue Ice With Case

Fleshskins Blue Ice With Case



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Great Fleshlight quality at a Lowest Price. When your standard Fleshlight toys are not an option, Fleshskins is the perfect alternative. Our first exclusive sleeves toy will literally take your breath away! You will control the tension and intensity of your masturbation experience with your own hand (or that of your partner), but with the fleshlight material of intense and soft texture like the skin that the world already knows and loves. You can take your FleshSkins toys wherever you go, and they're small enough to hide in almost any place. The fact of not having a case means that thickness is not a problem: a one size fits all. The best part is that the price is unbeatable: this Fleshlight experience is still very fun, but at a minimal cost.

How it is used

Ensure a secure fit by inserting your fingers into each of the holes provided for this purpose. Place a generous amount of aqueous lubricant on your penis and insert it into your sleeve. Rinse well with warm water after use.

Custom drying case

To maximize the shelf life of your Fleshlight product, it is important to clean and dry it after each use. Our custom case allows for faster drying times and makes it the perfect storage unit. Simply place the FleshSkins product on the drying rod after cleaning, let the toy dry completely, and then place the lid on the box to store it.


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