Bodywand Usb Pink 6In


Bodywand USB Pink 6in

Magic Wand USB Pink 6in Vibrator

Bodywand USB Pink 6in this petite pink wand vibrator by Bodywand is small but sensational. It measures a length of just 6 inches, giving you maximum returns for minimal effort. This small vibrator has a multispeed design that can be easily switched up when you’re in the mood for varied pleasure. The flexible neck allows you to reach those sweet spots that need plenty of TLC. The phthalate-free design makes for safe play while the Thermoplastic Elastomer offers all the comfort you need for a sensational session. This vibrator is easily charged up and the whisper-quiet motor offers discretion. A simple USB adaptor or laptop ensures that your toy is always charged up and ready for action. This wireless vibrator is a travel favorite, turning a dull weekend away into a dirty one.

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