Bathmate Shower Strap Black


Bathmate Shower Strap Black

Shower Strap Ons Bathmate

The Bathmate Shower Strap Black Gay Sex Toys for Men shower strap is designed to give you all the support you need to make your penis pump experience a seam-free one. This shower strap is designed to fit the hydro pump range and ensures practical help and comfort where you need it most. This strap holds the pump around your neck, allowing you to multitask easily. This shower strap can be used with a wide range of Bathmate hydro pumps, from the X40 and X30 to the Goliath and the Hercules. Once the penis hydrotherapy pump is filled with water, it becomes heavier. The strap helps to alleviate some of the weight for a light and easy experience. This strap is perfect for use in the shower, and the materials are designed to be immersed in water easily.

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