Anal Plug Slider Clear


Anal Slider Plug Clear

Butt Plug Slider Clear Pspot Toy

Anal Plug Slider Clear Pspot Toy Creates the perfect conditions for deep P-spot penetration. Men looking to add excitement in the bedroom with mind-blowing orgasms will love the Pure Indulgence! Known as the male G-spot, a man?s prostate is the key to pleasure. The Pure Indulgence is perfectly angled to target the P-spot and features a bulbous tip that serves as a handle so that you?re always in control. A little lube makes this toy incredibly slick, and deep penetration will intensify orgasms exponentially. Glass is compatible with all lubes so you don?t have to worry about choosing the wrong one. Fracture-resistant and hypoallergenic, this toy can be easily cleaned. Turn up the heat in the bedroom or for a cool experience; submerge this toy in hot or cold water. It retains Anal Plug Slider Clear heat and cold for increased stimulation.

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? Hand-blown artisan-crafted glass
? Discrete design
? Curved shape ideal for prostate stimulation
? Durable design
? Tapered tip for easy insertion
? Hypoallergenic
? Fracture-resistant
? Compatible with all lubricants
? Non-porous & hygienic
? Easy to clean
? Temperature responsive for sensory play



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