All Black Dong 22Cm

All Black Dong 22Cm



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This All Black Dildo with its nice solid jerk and long shaft is held by his 2 testicles. Nice toy to see and definitely try by more advanced users.

Water-based and silicone lubricants can be used here. It is important to clean the dildo well after use. Each toy is hermetically wrapped in a protective clear plastic sleeve.

Material: PVC
Measurements: 22 x 8 cm

Discover the entire range of ALLBLACK products, all sizes and all shapes available unleash the imagination in the most varied black version on the market, all products have a hypoallergenic material free of phalates, perfect for all audiences.

* To achieve an optimal experience and to be able to enjoy it in a pleasant and painless way, ALL BLACK recommends the use of Black Hole brand lubricants


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