Vibrating Dildos make your fantasy reality

Vibrating dildos have it all to make your fantasy become reality. With a remote-control dildo, you can abdicate your enjoyment to something else. If you feel naughty, hop on a balls vibrating dildo. Whether you’re looking to be stretched out or filled up, DelighToys offers vibrators in a wide range of shapes and sizes Willy Moulding Kits.

What is a vibration dildo

Vibration dildo is a penis-shaped device with a built-in vibrating motor. A realistic toy brings orgasm closer by additional stimulation of the nerve endings of the vagina or anus.

What are they for 

Vibrating dildos are an alternative to dildos. They are chosen if a device without vibration no longer allows all fantasies to be realized, does not provide vivid emotions during masturbation. In the catalog there are toys with different operating modes: pulsation, vibration, frequency and power change. Functions of additional stimulation of the walls of the anus, clitoris, vagina give an incredible sensation to girls. Orgasm comes faster, it is brighter and lasts longer than using a conventional toy without vibration. A universal device with vibration can affect the nipples, erogenous zones, awakening the desire and sensuality of the partner.

Who are suitable

Couples dreaming of group sex. A dildo with vibration will give you the experience of double penetration, but without the involvement of strangers. During foreplay, the partner will excite the girl by lightly touching the vibrator to the nipples, buttocks, clitoris, then inserts it into the anus or vagina. At the same time, the man penetrates his partner, stimulates two sensitive zones at once. Light waves, pulsation during sex is felt by the partner himself, this enhances the erection and gives a bright orgasm.
For girls, if the partner is absent for a long time or he is not. A vibrating dildo will bring the peak of pleasure during masturbation closer. The woman will study the body, find the most sensual erogenous zones, try different positions.
For partners in whose relationship the passion has died out, desire has disappeared. A toy with vibration will spice up the foreplay, make it an exciting, exciting adventure. During sex, a dildo will allow you to change roles, to realize hidden fantasies.
Vibro dildo with suction cup. Devices are securely attached to the surface, do not slide off it. A girl can safely experiment with poses, and additionally caress the clitoris, erogenous zones with her hands, and get more pleasure.
Phallus-vibrating massager with relief. A toy with pronounced spines will appeal to women who want to enhance the thrill of stimulation and achieve a powerful orgasm. The device, upon penetration, massages the walls of the vagina and anus.
Realistic dildo stimulator. The toy conveys in detail the relief of the male member, there are protruding veins, the scrotum.
Phallus with rotation and powerful vibration. Sex device with two arms of different sizes for simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and vagina. The device helps the girl to influence the most sensitive areas, to reach orgasm much faster.
Materials (edit).  Realistic toys are pleasant to the touch and heat up quickly. The texture of the material resembles human skin.
Silicone. Safe toys do not emit toxins and do not cause allergic reactions. The devices are soft and flexible, bend well, and are combined with water-based lubricants.
Plastic. Versatile, dense toys do not deform, they are easy to care for, they are not afraid of moisture.
The online store has a large selection of vibrating dildos with a different set of functions. Remote control models, anal, vaginal, petite – we have everything for a bright and explosive orgasm!

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