Vagina Pumps

Vagina Pumps are put on the clitoris and by sucking and circulating air, it stimulates blood flow, increasing its size and sensitivity. Refers to devices for more advanced users. Vagina Suction Pumps cannot be categorized as vibrators and other toys. There are restrictions on the duration and intensity of their use. Do not overdo it when attaching the product to the clitoris. It is better to use the pump no more than 10-15 minutes, adjusting the force of air supply and suction. Instead of one long approach, break the usage into multiple short loops

How to use it?

The head of the clitoris is placed in a small socket and treated with air. The pleasure comes easily, lasts a long time and is repeated due to the change in the vibration intensity. This is very convenient, for example, in partner sex. The suction vagina for the clitoris acts on the most sensitive areas, thereby giving quick and long-lasting pleasure. Due to the resulting vacuum, the size of the clitoral head increases. This area becomes more sensitive. You can achieve an enchanting ending with the help of vibration. Vagina pumps will suit both single girls and a couple of lovers during foreplay. What does it feel like? The device, according to the principle of action, resembles oral sex.

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