Rabbit Vibrators

The Rabbit Vibrators is the perfect device for the woman who wants to get the most out of her. The peculiarity of this unit is that it includes a vibrating stimulator for the clitoris or anus. Here you will find a large selection of fully certified products. You can receive and pay for your purchase anywhere in the UK in a convenient way for you.

What is a rabbit vibrator?

This clitoral vibrator got such an interesting name due to its unusual double shape, which somewhat resembles the ears of a rabbit or a hare. It consists of two processes. One, the most pronounced, is inserted into the vagina. The second prong is smaller and is intended for either clitoral stimulation or anal pleasure. Thus, the bunny vibrator allows you to experience the whole gamut of sexual sensations. The device is very convenient to operate – it has an extended handle on which the controls are located. They regulate the intensity of vibrations and its type: wave-like, impulse or continuous.

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