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Couples Vibrators U Shaped Vibrator use by both partners during sex. These vibrators are usually with a soft silicone or rubberized surface, glass or metal. It fits well into the vagina while the other rests against the clitoris, leaving a spot for male penetration. The toys are soft and smooth to the touch. Some of them are rechargeable, so you can charge it up in advance without having to worry about replacing the batteries and can be controlled with Android or IOS app. A couple’s vibrator may have a separate remote control that can be controlled from a distance, which is useful for when the hands are in different places.

The app may allow you to adjust the vibration levels. It may even have tips, and tricks that you can try. This premium type of device can also provide tutorials on how to use it. If there’s no app, then there may be an instruction booklet to guide you along.

The vibrator is designed to fit securely against the G-spot of a woman, while the bigger end rests against the labia. The vibrator should stay in place. During usage, a man can still penetrate past the device so both parties can enjoy the stimulation.

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